The Cellar

For the wine production only traditional methods are used.

With the same attention we care for the vineyards, we select the best grapes of every quality: each evening, during the harvest period, they are pressed and transferred in the cellar into large tanks.


For red wines grape marc is used in maceration, giving the characteristic color without the need for any additive or dye. The fermentation takes place naturally, without accelerators, by utilizing the cellar air conditioning system: in this way the wine, always
circulating in the tanks to breathe, ferment at the right times.

On average, racking takes place after 20/30 days and the grape marc is transferred to third party distilleries. At this stage refrigerated tanks are used for stabilization of the product. Filtered in several steps through two different filters, the wine remains clean
and clear, that is for avoiding residues in the bottle.

The same procedure applies to white wines and rosé wines (these obtained from
Nebbiolo vineyards). In this case, however, the grapes are immediately crushed and pressed, in order to have the liquid into the tanks without grape marc.